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Stay focused on minimalist phone accessories for 11 years, since 2012

OEM/ODM for brands from US,DE,KR,FR,JP,SG etc



10 FANUC(Japan-imported)high-speed injection machines to offer super thin products

Daily production capacity:40k, 800k dynamic inventory to ensure fast shipping


Over 20 long-term cooperated packaging factories&shipping companies to offer customized packaging box+packing+shipping


PD guys setup to help customers develop other new products using local rich supply chains in China(Paid service)


About Medome


--We believe "less is more".

Phones become thinner and thinner, lighter and lighter, but, in the year of 2012, we found that phone cases in the market were all too thick and bulky, no one made thin cases, we thought"why would we like to sacrifice the beauty and feel of the phone wearing a so thick case ", "could we bring super thin cases to the market", so Medome was born, after 100+ testing, we found a good material which can make thin cases stablely--PP, now over 11 years, we've been focusing on super thin case and now developed more accessories.

--Our mission is to bring minimal phone accessories to the market and let people enjoy the beauty of minimalist phone accessories.



20 2 768+ 40,000

20-year injection factory,

in-house mould workshop 

2 weeks to make a

new private mould

768 B2B happy clients Daily capacity 40k





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Apent-Hongkong,China Mason-USA Raden-Australia  Ultramate shield-UK Vipe-Russia
Nakey-Sweden Turnover-Korea Hardwrk-Germany TDL-France Proper-Australia Casemurk-India Btech-Hungary 
Crystal case-Panama Layercase-UK Slimcase-Indonesia Jeff covers-Italy Puritycase-Netherlands Casefinite-Japan